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About Us

Prof. Dr. Harald von Korflesch, a well-known Entrepreneurship Professor and serial entrepreneur himself and his team will conduct this online course, based on Open Learning Content. The course is entirely held in English by the “Central Institute for Scientific Entrepreneurship & International Transfer” (ZIFET; of the Koblenz and Landau University, one of the few German Universities awarded the title “Entrepreneurial University” from the German Federal Ministry for Economics.


  1. Introduction to Entrepreneurship
  2. Entrepreneurial Methods
  3. Entrepreneurial Personality & Mindset
  4. Teams & Leadership
  5. Creativity & Opportunities
  6. Customer Development
  7. Minimum Viable Product
  8. Business Models
  9. Entrepreneurial Marketing & Elevator Pitching
  10. Entrepreneurial Finance & Presentation

Your Benefits

After participating in our course, you will:

  • be creative and open to new ideas
  • have a clear understanding of how the entrepreneurial world works
  • discover your personal entrepreneurial potential
  • be a part of a global study community

And especially,

  • 6 ECTS Points and
  • A Certificate of Participation


ISME/NEU (International School of Management and Economics/National Economics University)

National Economics University (NEU) is well-known as one of the oldest and most prestigious universities, especially as one of the largest and top quality economic and business educational institutions in Vietnam. NEU is also well- known as a prestigious research and consultant centre with its extended academic publications and consulting works to the government of Vietnam on policy-making and to the business community on business development.
The International School of Management and Economics (ISME) at National Economics University (NEU) was established on 4th January 2011, based on the upgrade of Faculty of International Education. ISME plays an important role in the development and implementation of the University’s international cooperation strategy and integration. The School has contributed significantly to the development of the University as one of the national pivotal universities, a leading university in the areas of economics and business management. The international cooperation programs of the School are considered as effective channels for training technology transfer and providing lecturers and staffs with international working environment. The School has strong interest in students/faculty exchange programs and is actively preparing for that.


DNES (Danang Entrepreneurship Support Co, Ltd.)

DNES was known as Danang Incubator since 2 years ago, but was officially established with the name "Danang Entrepreneurship Support Co, Ltd)" on 14th January 2016, in order to support and foster a development and implementation an entrepreneurial eco-system in Danang city more effectively. DNES is the first start-up incubator in Vietnam which is funded and operated through a partnership of Danang city's authorities, serial successful entreprenuers and private sector companies in accordance with PPP (Public-Private Partnership) investment model. In the way to become an entrepreneurial city, Danang city identify DNES the hub of Entrepreneurship of the city. DNES is currently also considered as the typical, proactive as well as pioneering organization in all activities regarding Entrepreneurship/start-ups in the Centre region of Vietnam.


UD (The University of Danang)

The University of Danang (UD) is the largest university in Central Vietnam and it was one of the first university institutions in Vietnam to adopt a Quality Accreditation System for training, and several of its disciplines have been recognized internationally. The UD is well-known as a incubator for talented and intelligent poeple dedicated to developing the Central Areas and Western Highlands of Vietnam. The University's main strengths are in Engineering, Techonology, Economics, Education, Foreign Languages and Medicine and Pharmacy. Additionally, The UD's success is a result of high-quality training curriculum and research programs especially designed to meet the demands of industry in Vietnam.


DTU (Duy Tan University)

Duy Tan University (DTU) is the first and biggest private university in Central Vietnam. With the slogan "Vietnamese Spirit, Creativity, Innovation, Reaching for New Heights" and "Partnering with Giants", DTU has gradually expanded partnerships with many well-known university around the world (like Carnegie Mellon, Purdue, Penn State, CalState, etc.) and has provided continuously access to internationally standardized curricula as well as has established programs to help students to go overseas for exchange and study. DTU offers a wide range of academic programs, including Information Technology, Electrical Engineering, Telecommunications, Business Administration, Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Accounting, Finance & Banking, Hospitality & Tourism, International Relations, Literature and Journalism, Cultural Tourism, Nursing, Pharmacy/Pharmacology, Medicine and so on.



Our course is based on the Open Learning Content philosophy, combined with the experience of our active-participation Entrepreneurship course.

Qualitative Open Learning Content

We made a collection of the most interesting videos of famous qualified entrepreneurs and highly qualified academics. You will get the chance to learn via an entertaining multimedia experience, consisted of easily accessible videos and scientific papers.

‘Get Out of the Building’ and deal with uncertainty

This is one of the most important advice that serial entrepreneurs always give. For Entrepreneurship is not just about taking risks, but also a mean of searching and gathering information from an unknown business environment in order for you to refine or even change your basic ideas into products and services that customers will love

Work on Real Ideas

Learning is most effective when you get the chance to directly apply your theoretical knowledge into the real world. That is exactly the reason why half of the weekly assignments are related to your existing ideas, or the ones that you create during the course with our support. You might be afraid that someone could probably steal your idea, but from our year-long experience, we can assure you that another colleague in the course will have a very similar one.

Co - Create the Future Course

Technology is rapidly changing and information is increasingly growing in a pace faster than ever before, as well as knowledge and presentation-style do! Thus we are asking you to comment and rate the videos and make recommendations for new Open Learning Content and further topics. As reward you will get some extra points on your final grade.


Certificate and/or 6 ECTS credits Requirements

To finally receive the certificate with 6 ECTS-credits, you must pass the overall assessment at a minimum average of 50%. A certificate with distinction will be awarded to those who get a GPA (Grade Point Average) of 75% or higher. A certificate of attendance will be provided in case the activity level is minimum 65% all over the interactive parts of the course.

Prerequisites for Admission

You need no prior knowledge of business administration or entrepreneurship to participate in this course.


Learn from more than 20 World Class Speakers in Entrepreneurship - Based on Open Learning Content

This Course is Moderated by

Prof. Dr. Harald
von Korflesch

Prof. Dr. Harald von Korflesch, a well-known entrepreneurship professor and serial entrepreneur himself.

Phuong Anh Tran

Phuong Anh Tran, a Research Assistant at the University and doctoral candidate in Entrepreneurship.

Matthias Barde

Matthias Barde, a Research Assistant at the University and entrepreneur himself.


Frequently Asked Questions

Everyone that holds a high-school diploma or a Bachelor or a Diploma degree in any study field! No prior knowledge of Business Administration or Entrepreneurship is required in order for you to participate in our course.
As long as the registration is open you can fill in the Online Registration Form.

Generally, students will need the following:

  • Internet access: Broadband Internet connection with high speed (>1 Mbit).
  • Browser requirements: An up to date Internet browser (we recommend Firefox, Chrome or Opera)
  • Flash Player Add-On or HTML5 compatible browser in order for you to able to watch our on-line videos
  • PDF Reader: Foxit or Adobe Acrobat Reader is recommended
  • A camera to be able to record a presentation

We provide a general, though flexible course structure with several units consisted of:

  • Videos
  • Papers, articles, book chapters
  • Questionnaires and
  • Assignments

Yes, you can register any time. However, if you start after the deadline of the perspective unit, you will not be able to submit your homework and therefore will not receive any points on this content.

Each course unit has a specific starting date. Also there will be a final deadline for submitting your assignments.

No. This course is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. However, you need to submit your assignments within the given deadlines.

It depends on the individual, your motivation, your English language skills etc. However, you should plan a time span of 6-18 hours per week on a unit.

You can any time communicate with us in a number of different ways. Our online course is created and explained through the instructor´s lecture information. You can discuss topics in the discussion board, where the Professor, the moderators and the rest of the peers provide insight, guidance and feedback. Sometimes, you and the instructor can contact through private assignment correspondence within the course site or via email / skype / telephone.

During the course, you will be asked to work on several individual assignments. Nonetheless, there is no final examination required for the completion of the course.

It depends on each topic. Sometimes -in order to cultivate your personal entrepreneurial spirit- you will be asked to find answers to specific business problems, write paper reviews, make some interviews, review study materials and do your own research.

The assignments will be uploaded via our online platform at the end of the course.

A certificate of attendance / participation will be provided to the students reaching an activity level of minimum 65% on the overall interactive parts of the course ( watching and commenting).

In order to receive the 6 ECTS certificate, you must complete the overall workload with a minimum average of 50%. A certificate with a distinction grade will be awarded to those who complete a 75% or higher.

Course at a Glance

Our course:

  • Is held completely in English
  • Starts on November 6th 2017
  • Lasts 16 weeks
  • Includes no final exams, just weekly assignments
  • Ends on February 28th 2018

Deadline for registration was the 6th of November 2017